Compiled by Adam Abraham

4 July 2012

The following attempts to list every work produced by United Productions of America (UPA), including its earlier incarnations as Industrial Film and Poster Service, Industrial Films, and United Film Productions.  The list is organized in three broad categories:

I.     Early Works, Industrials, Educational

II.    Theatrical Films

  1. III.  Television

This supersedes the "Complete Filmography" found at and the "Select Filmography" included in Inside UPA (2007).

N.B. For simplicity, all titles of works appear in quotes, regardless of the original format.


1943 "Sparks and Chips Get the Blitz" (sound slide film) [Consolidated Shipyards, Long Beach, California]

1944 "Hell-Bent for Election" [United Auto Workers]

1944 "A Few Quick Facts about Inflation" [U.S. Army Signal Corps]

1944 "Lend Lease" [U.S. Army Signal Corps]

1945 "A Few Quick Facts about Fear" [U.S. Army Signal Corps]

1945 "A Few Quick Facts about Japan" [U.S. Army Signal Corps]

1945 "Collective Bargaining" (aka "Bargaining Procedure") (sound slide film) [United Auto Workers]

1945 "Brotherhood of Man" [United Auto Workers]

1945-1946 "Northwest U.S.A." (inserts and titles) [OWI-Overseas Branch]

1945-1946 "The Wonderful Ears of Johnny McGoggin" (insert) [James L. Free Productions]

1945-1946 "Screen Magazine" (titles) [OWI-Overseas Branch]

1946 "Fortress of Freedom" (titles) [OWI-Overseas Branch]

1946 "San Francisco Peace Conference" (story and storyboard) [OWI-Overseas Branch]

1945-1946 "Tuesday in November" (inserts and titles) [OWI-Overseas Branch]

1945-1946 "Consumption of Food" (inserts) [Encyclopedia Britannica Films]

1945-1946 "Production of Food" (inserts) [Encyclopedia Britannica Films]

1945-1946 "Distribution of Food" (inserts) [Encyclopedia Britannica Films]

1945-1946 "Fuel Tank Selection" (aka "Fuel") [U.S. Navy Flight Safety Division]

1946 "Flat Hatting" [U.S. Navy Flight Safety Division]

1945-1946 "Join-Up Collisions" [U.S. Navy Flight Safety Division]

1945-1946 "Take-Off Accidents" [U.S. Navy Flight Safety Division]

1945-1946 "Dear Sir" [entertainment film made on speculation]

1945-1946 "Santa Fe" (inserts) [Telefilm, Inc.]

1945-1946 "Automatic Pilot" (insert) [Raphael G. Wolfe Studios; General Electric]

1945-1946 "Owens-Illinois Glass Co." (insert for training film) [Screencraft Productions]

1945-1946 "Refrigeration" (insert) [Anson Bond Productions]

1945-1946 "U.S.A. Map Shot" (insert) [U.S. Army]

1945-1946 "Saga of 666" (sound slide film) [United Auto Workers]

1945-1946 "Svenson's Seniority" (three sound slide films, for Chrysler, Ford, and General Motors) [United Auto Workers]

1945-1946 "Hold It, Mac!" (sound slide film) [U.S. Navy Insurance Division]

1945-1946 "Safety at Play" (silent strip film and slides) [for primary schools]

1945-1946 "Wholesome Living" (silent strip film and slides) [for primary schools]

1945-1946 "Democratic Living (silent strip film and slides) [for primary schools]

1945-1946 "Healthy, Wealthy and Wise" (sound slide film) [Kaiser Permanente Health Foundation]

1945-1946 "Man in the Cage" (sound slide film) [Fair Employment Practice Films, Inc.]

1946 "B-29 Turbo System" (insert) [Boeing Aircraft Corporation]

1946 "Dermatitis" (insert) [Ted Henkle Productions]

1946 "Manpower Utilization" (story and storyboard) [Aircraft War Production Committee]

1946 "News Review #3" (animated map insert) [OWI-Overseas Branch]

1946 "Manufacturing of Crystals" (live-action) [Higgins Boat Works Radio Division]

1946 "Thomas Address" (live-action) [United Auto Workers]

1946 "Combat Fatigue" (insert) [Pathescope, Inc.; U.S. Navy]

1946 "Idling Mixture Check" (aka "Two Plugs from Pensacola") [U.S. Navy Flight Safety Division]

1946 "In Your Power" [U.S. Navy Bureau of Naval Personnel]

1946 "Check and Double Check" [United Jewish Welfare Fund]

1946 "Disorientation Crashes" [U.S. Navy]

c. 1946 "Collisions with the Earth" [U.S. Navy Flight Safety Division]

1946 "Taxiing Collisions" [U.S. Navy Flight Safety Division]

1946 "Guaranteed Wages" (sound slide film) [National CIO Education Department]

1946 "After the Cut" [U.S. Navy Flight Safety Division]

1946 "Food Machinery Corporation" (insert) [Telefilm, Inc.]

1946 "The Flying Jeep" (design for puppet cartoon) [John Sutherland Productions]

1946 "Tom, Dick and Mary" (sound slide film) [General Electric Company]

1946-1947 "Expanding World Relationships" [U.S. State Department]

1947 "Public Opinion Polls" [U.S. State Department]

1947 "Alle Menschen sind Brüder" (German version of "Brotherhood of Man") [War Department-Civil Affairs Division]

c. 1947 "Landing Accidents" [U.S. Navy Flight Safety Division]

c. 1947 "Emergency Landings on Land" [U.S. Navy Flight Safety Division]

1947 "Marginal Weather Accidents" [U.S. Navy Flight Safety Division]

c. 1947 "Accident Injury Prevention" (aka "Indestructible Smith") [U.S. Navy Flight Safety Division]

1947 "Understanding Ourselves" (animated insert in sex-education film "Human Growth") [University of Oregon; Eddie Albert Productions]

c. 1947 "Three Unions" [U.S. State Department]

c. 1947 "How a Bill Goes through Congress" [U.S. State Department]

c. 1947 "A Mirror for the Sky" (animated backgrounds for stage show) [DuBois-Friedman; John Houseman, director]

1948 "Swab Your Choppers" [U.S. Navy Bureau of Medicine and Surgery]

c. 1948 "Accidents Resulting from Unfamiliarity in Aircraft; or, The Rover Boys in Peril" [U.S. Navy Flight Safety Division]

c. 1948 "Inside Morgan's Head" [U.S. Navy Flight Safety Division]

1947-1950 "Cherry Rivet Application" (sales film) [Cherry Rivet Co.; Dana Jones Co.]

1947-1950 "Sales Training" (live-action and animated training film) [Hancock Oil Co.; Ruthrauff & Ryan]

1947-1950 "The Lord's Way" (insert) [Mormon Church]

1947-1950 "Design for Arc Welding" (inserts) [Lincoln Electric Co.]

1947-1950 "Sad Sack" (educational/advertising film) [Veterans Administration]

1947-1950 "Story of Commercial Banking" (inserts) [Continental Bank; Wilding Pictures]

1947-1950 "Malleable Iron" (inserts) [Roland Reed Productions]

1947-1950 "Ballistics" (inserts for training films) [U.S. Army Signal Corps]

1947-1950 "Big Tim" (institutional film for theatres) [Timken Roller Bearing Co.; Wilding Pictures]

1947-1950 "Chocolongo El Terrible"


"Los Novios de Juanita"

"La Mujer a Traves de los Tiempos" (theatrical commercials (Spanish)) [Procter & Gamble (Publicidad Alvarez Perez Agency, Cuba)]

1947-1950 "Weed No More"

"Pestroy" (inserts) [Jerry Fairbanks; Sherwin-Williams]

1947-1950 "Open Door to Sales" (three sound-slide training films) [Forest Lawn Insurance Company]

1947-1950 "It's Up to Us" (live-action training film) [Community Chest, Los Angeles, California]

1949 "Hazards in Ground Operation in Jet Aircraft" (aka "Jet Hazards in Ground Operations") (aka "Ground Operation of Jet Aircraft") [U.S. Navy Flight Safety Division]

1949 "Jet Wings for Tomorrow"

1949 "Bailing Out" (aka "Bail Outs") [U.S. Navy Flight Safety Division]

1949 "The Sailor and the Seagull" [U.S. Navy Bureau of Naval Personnel]

c. 1949 "Collisions during Simulated Combat" [U.S. Navy Flight Safety Division]

c. 1949 "Douglas Aircraft" (inserts) [Roland Reed Productions]

1951-1952 "Sugar, U.S.A." (insert in sales film) [Mercury International, Inc.]

1951 "Discipline Pays Off" [U.S. Navy]

1951 "Man on the Land" [American Petroleum Institute]

1952 "Man Alive!" [American Cancer Society]

1952 "More Than Meets the Eye" (sales film) [CBS Radio]

c. 1952 "Just between Us Girls" (sales film) [Carson-Roberts, Inc.]

1953 "It's Time for Everybody" (sales film) [CBS Radio]

c. 1954 "The Studebaker Story" (inserts in sales film) [Screen Gems, Inc.]

1954 "Look Who's Driving" (educational film) [Aetna Casualty and Surety Company]

c. 1954 "General Motors Motorama" (inserts in live-action sales film) [Kudner Agency]

1954 "Pump Trouble" [American Heart Association]

c. 1955 "Hooray for Homer"

1956 "Sappy Homiens" [American Cancer Society]

1959 "Inside Magoo" (educational)

1976 "Dimensions of Quality" (animated by Paul Carlson Cartoons, Inc.) [General Electric Lamp Business Division]

N.D. "A Few Quick Facts about Dysentery and Disease" [U.S Army Signal Corps]

N.D. "Hazards of Jet Warfare"

N.D. "Tune in Tomorrow"

N.D. "Little Boy Blew"

N.D. "No Title" [General Petroleum]




1948 "Robin Hoodlum" [Fox and Crow] (December 23)

1949 "The Magic Fluke" [Fox and Crow] (March 27)

1949 "The Ragtime Bear" [Jolly Frolics (first Mr. Magoo)] (September 8)

1950 "Punchy De Leon" [Jolly Frolics (last Fox and Crow)] (January 12)

1950 "Spellbound Hound" [Jolly Frolics (second Mr. Magoo)] (March 16)

1950 "The Miner's Daughter" [Jolly Frolics] (May 25)

1950 "Giddyap" [Jolly Frolics] (July 27)

1950 "Trouble Indemnity" [Mr. Magoo] (September 14)

1950 "The Popcorn Story" [Jolly Frolics] (November 30)

1950 "Bungled Bungalow" [Mr. Magoo] (December 28)

1951 "Gerald McBoing Boing" [Jolly Frolics] (January 25; released for Oscar consideration in 1950)

1951 "Family Circus" [Jolly Frolics] (January 25)

1951 "Barefaced Flatfoot" [Mr. Magoo] (April 26)

1951 "Georgie and the Dragon" [Jolly Frolics] (September 27)

1951 "Fuddy Duddy Buddy" [Mr. Magoo] (October 18)

1951 "The Wonder Gloves" [Jolly Frolics] (November 29)

1951 "Grizzly Golfer" [Mr. Magoo] (December 20)

1952 "The Oompahs" [Jolly Frolics] (January 24)

1952 "Sloppy Jalopy" [Mr. Magoo] (February 21)

1952 "Rooty Toot Toot" [Jolly Frolics] (March 27; released for Oscar consideration in 1951)

1952 "The Dog Snatcher" [Mr. Magoo] (May 29)

1952 "Willie the Kid" [Jolly Frolics] (June 26)

1952 "Pink and Blue Blues" [Mr. Magoo] (August 28)

1952 "Pete Hothead" [Jolly Frolics] (September 25)

1952 "Hotsy Footsy" [Mr. Magoo] (October 23)

1952 "Madeline" [Jolly Frolics] (November 27)

1952 "Captains Outrageous" [Mr. Magoo] (December 25)

1953 "Little Boy with a Big Horn" [Jolly Frolics] (March 26)

1953 "The Emperor's New Clothes" [Jolly Frolics] (April 30)

1953 "Safety Spin" [Mr. Magoo] (May 21)

1953 "Christopher Crumpet" [Jolly Frolics] (June 25)

1953 "Gerald McBoing Boing's Symphony" (July 15)

1953 "Magoo's Masterpiece" [Mr. Magoo] (July 30)

1953 "The Unicorn in the Garden" (September 24)

1953 "Magoo Slept Here" [Mr. Magoo] (November 19)

1953 "The Tell-Tale Heart" (December 27)

1954 "Bringing Up Mother" [The Family Circus] (January 14)

1954 "Ballet-oop" (February 11)

1954 "Magoo Goes Skiing" [Mr. Magoo] (March 11)

1954 "The Man on the Flying Trapeze" (April 8)

1954 "Fudget's Budget" (June 17)

1954 "Kangaroo Courting" [Mr. Magoo] (July 22)

1954 "How Now Boing Boing" (September 9)

1954 "Destination Magoo" [Mr. Magoo] (December 16)

1955 "When Magoo Flew" [Mr. Magoo] (January 6; released for Oscar consideration in 1954)

1955 "Spare the Child" [Family Circus] (January 27; released for Oscar consideration in 1954 ?)

1955 "Four Wheels No Brakes" [Pete Hothead] (January 27)

1955 "Magoo's Check Up" [Mr. Magoo] (February 24)

1955 "Baby Boogie" (May 19)

1955 "Magoo Express" [Mr. Magoo] (May 19)

1955 "Madcap Magoo" [Mr. Magoo] (June 23)

1955 "Christopher Crumpet's Playmate" (September 8)

1955 "Stage Door Magoo" [Mr. Magoo] (October 6)

1955 "The Rise of Duton Lang" (December 1)

1955 "Magoo Makes News" [Mr. Magoo] (December 12)

1956"Gerald McBoing! Boing! on Planet Moo" (February 9)

1956 "Magoo's Canine Mutiny" [Mr. Magoo] (March 8)

1956 "Magoo Goes West" [Mr. Magoo] (April 19)

1956 "Calling Doctor Magoo" [Mr. Magoo] (May 24)

1956 "The Jaywalker" [Milton Muffet] (May 31)

1956 "Magoo Beats the Heat" [Mr. Magoo] (June 21)

1956 "Magoo's Puddle Jumper" [Mr. Magoo] (July 26)

1956 "Trailblazer Magoo" [Mr. Magoo] (September 13)

1956 "Magoo's Problem Child" [Mr. Magoo] (October 18)

1956 "Meet Mother Magoo" [Mr. Magoo] (December 27)

1957 "Magoo Goes Overboard" [Mr. Magoo] (February 21)

1957 "Matador Magoo" [Mr. Magoo] (March 30)

1957 "Magoo Breaks Par" [Mr. Magoo] (June 27)

1957 "Magoo's Glorious Fourth" [Mr. Magoo] (July 25)

1957 "Magoo's Masquerade" [Mr. Magoo] (August 15)

1957 "Magoo Saves the Bank" [Mr. Magoo] (September 26)

1957 "Rockhound Magoo" [Mr. Magoo] (October 24)

1957 "Magoo's Moosehunt" [Mr. Magoo] (November 28)

1957 "Magoo's Private War" [Mr. Magoo] (December 19)

1958 "Trees and Jamaica Daddy" [Ham and Hattie] (January 30; released for Oscar consideration in 1957)

1958 "Sailing and Village Band" [Ham and Hattie] (February 27)

1958 "Magoo's Young Manhood" [Mr. Magoo] (March 13)

1958 "Scoutmaster Magoo" [Mr. Magoo] (April 10)

1958 "The Explosive Mr. Magoo" [Mr. Magoo] (May 8)

1958 "Magoo's Three Point Landing" [Mr. Magoo] (June 5)

1958 "Magoo's Cruise" [Mr. Magoo] (September 11)

1958 "Love Comes to Magoo" [Mr. Magoo] (October 2)

1958 "Spring and Saganaki" [Ham and Hattie] (October 16)

1958 "Gumshoe Magoo" [Mr. Magoo] (November)

1959 "Bwana Magoo" [Mr. Magoo] (January 9)

1959 "Picnics Are Fun and Dino's Serenade" [Ham and Hattie] (January 16)

1959 "Magoo's Homecoming" [Mr. Magoo] (March 5)

1959 "Merry Minstrel Magoo" [Mr. Magoo] (April 9)

1959 "Magoo's Lodge Brother" [Mr. Magoo] (May 7)

1959 "Terror Faces Magoo" [Mr. Magoo] (July 9)


1954 "The Fifty-first Dragon"

1959 "Magoo Meets Boing-Boing"

1959 "Magoo Meets Frankenstein"

1960 "I Was a Teenage Magoo"


1948 "No Minor Vices" [M-G-M] (includes an animated insert) (November 12)

1949 "The Red Pony" [Republic Pictures] (includes live-action and animated inserts) (February 3)

1952 "Dreamboat" [Twentieth Century-Fox] (includes UPA animation) (July 24)

1952 "The Four Poster" [Columbia Pictures] (includes animated sequences) (October 8)

1953 "The Girl Next Door" [Twentieth Century-Fox] (includes animated sequences) (May 25)

1958 "The Vikings" [United Artists] (includes animated title sequence) (June 11, New York City)

1966 "What's Up, Tiger Lily?" [American International] (includes animated title sequence) (November 2)


1959 "1001 Arabian Nights" [Columbia Pictures] (December 1)

1962 "Gay Purr-ee" [Warner Bros.] (October 24, Los Angeles)




1949 "Dusty of the Circus" (pilot) [Twentieth Century-Fox]

1950-1951 "Frosty the Snowman" [Hill & Range Songs, Inc.]

1952 "The Fifty-first Dragon" (animated cartoon produced for "Omnibus") (released theatrically)

c. 1954 "Peter Cottontail" [Hill & Range Songs, Inc.]

1953-1954 "Howdy Doody and His Magic Hat" (animated cartoon produced for "The Howdy Doody Show")

1956 "Our Mr. Sun" (inserts in live-action documentary) [Frank Capra Productions and Bell Telephone Co.]

1958 "The Gary Moore Show" (titles/inserts)

1959 "The Twilight Zone" (title sequence)


1946-1950 "Carrier Weather Maker"

"Carrier Air Conditioner" [Carrier Corporation (N. W. Ayer & Son)]

1947-1950 "Bill Board"

"Sludge Bound"

"Minute Man Magic"

"Hoodlums under the Hood" (live-action and animated commercials) [Union Oil Co. (Foote, Cone & Belding)]

1947-1950 "Pontiac Service" (six commercials for TV and theatrical) [Pontiac Motor Co. (Transfilm, Inc.)]

1947-1950 "Pond's Tissues" (four TV and theatrical commercials) [Pond's Extract Co. (J. Walter Thompson Agency)]

1947-1950 "Unicycle"

"Bucking Bronco" (aka "Saddle") (four commercials) [Shell Oil Company (J. Walter Thompson Agency)]

1947-1950 "Southern Select Beer" (seven live-action and animated commercials) [Galveston-Houston Breweries (Rauthrauff & Ryan)]

1950 "Webster Cigars" (three live-action and animated commercials) [Webster Tobacco Co. (N. W. Ayer & Son.)]

c. 1950 "Safety"




"Beauty" (15 live-action and animated commercials for TV and theatrical) [Ford Motor Company (J. Walter Thompson Agency)]

c. 1950 "Ford Service" (19 TV commercials, also theatrical) [Ford Motor Company (J. Walter Thompson Agency)]

c. 1950 "There's a Ford in Your Future" (insert for TV and theatrical) [Ford Motor Company (Audio Productions)]

1951 "1951 Ford" (13 live-action and animated commercials for TV and theatrical) [Ford Motor Company (J. Walter Thompson Agency)]

c. 1951 "Fordomatic Series" (18 live-action TV commercials)

1950s "Norge Appliances" (13 live-action commercials) [Norge Div.-Borg-Warner (J. Walter Thompson Agency)]

1950s "Surf" [Lever Bros. Company (N. W. Ayer & Son)]

1950s "Radiant Heat" [Radiant Heat Engineering Company (Rose, Gardner & White)]

1950s "Ward Bread" (three commercials) [Ward Baking Company (J. Walter Thompson Agency)]

1950s "Lucky Strike" [American Tobacco Co (Sarra, Inc.)]

1950s "Navy Recruiting" (five commercials) [U.S. Navy]

1950s "Goebel Beer" [Goebel Beer Company (Sarra, Inc.)]

1950s "Hunt's Tomato Sauce" [Young & Rubicam]

1950s "Bireley's" [Young & Rubicam]

1950s "Cashmere Bouquet Hand Lotion" [Sherman & Marquette]

1950s "Carling's Ale" [Benton & Bowles Agency]

1950s "Paper-Mate Pen" [Erwin Wasey Agency]

1950s "General Motors TV Spots" (six commercials) [Kudner Agency]

1955 "Kia-ora Suncrush" (with Aurora)

1956 "General Foods Corp."

1956 "Standard Milling"

1956 "Ivory Flakes" [Procter & Gamble]

1956 "Socony Mobil Oil Company"

1956-1957 "Piel Brothers Beer" (with Bert and Harry) [Young & Rubicam]

1957 "Scott Towels" [Scott Paper Company]

1957 "Adolph Coors Brewery"

1957 "Donahue Sales Corp."

1950s - 1970s "General Electric" (with Mr. Magoo)

1960 "Dawson Beer"

1960 "Mission Peak"

1960 "Stag Beer" (with Mr. Magoo) [Edward H. Weiss]

1960 "Oldsmobile"

"Oldsmobile 88"

1960 "Richfield Boron"

c. 1970s "Mellon Bank" (animated by Paul Carlson Cartoons, Inc.)

N.D. "Amoco Gasoline"

N.D. "Anthony and Cleopatra"

N.D. "Arcadian Fertilizer"

"Arcadian Nitrogen Solution"

N.D. "Bab-O Cleanser"

N.D. "Baby Ruth"

N.D. "Ballantine Beer"

N.D. "Borden's Coffee"

"Borden's New Rich Roast"

"Borden's New Instant Coffee" ("Do It Yourself")

N.D. "Bromo Quinine"

N.D. "Bromo Seltzer"

N.D. "Cavalier"

N.D. "CBS Hytron" ("Demonstration") [Bennett & Northrop]

N.D. "Conoco"

N.D. "Elgin"

N.D. "Esso"

N.D. "Folger's Instant Coffee" [Harris, Harlan & Wood]

N.D. "Fresh Milk"

N.D. "Gold Seal Salmon" ("Little Drummer")

N.D. "Good 'n Plenty" [Bauer & Tripp]

N.D. "Hecker Flour"

N.D. "Holiday"

N.D. "Hood Bleach and Starch" [Pritchard, Daniels, Dreher]

N.D. "Ipana Toothpaste" ("Little Mother")

N.D. "Jell-O Instant Pudding" ("Busy Day")

N.D. "Johnson & Johnson Nose Drops and Spray" [L. W. Frolich]

N.D. "Kool Cigarettes" (inserts in live-action commercial) [Ted Bates & Company]

N.D. "Marlboro Cigarettes" [Leon Burnett]

N.D. "Mueller's Macaroni"

N.D. "Nabisco Frosted Macaroons"

"Nabisco Corn Thins"

"Nabisco Blue Cheese"

N.D. "Niagara Instant Laundry Starch"

N.D. "Oertels '92 Beer" [Lynch & Hart]

N.D. "Old Gold Cigarettes" [Lennen & Newell]

N.D. "Pal Razor Blades"

N.D. "Philip Morris"

N.D. "Proctor Toasters"

N.D. "Speedway 79" ("Dry Bones")

N.D. "State Line Potato Chips"

N.D. "Swansdown"

N.D. "Tonette" [North Advertising]

N.D. "United Jewish Appeal"

N.D. "U.S. Navy TV Spot"

N.D. "U.S. Steel"


1956 "The Boing-Boing Show" (later "The Gerald McBoing Boing Show") [CBS] (December 16, 1956 - March 10, 1957)

Includes theatrical shorts produced for Columbia Pictures (listed in parentheses).

13 half-hour episodes:

1.       "A Horse of Course"

          "The Invisible Moustache of Raoul Dufy"

          "Miserable Pack of Wolves"

          ("Gerald McBoing Boing")

2.       "The Twelve Days of Christmas"

          "The Freezee Yum Story"



3.       "Twirlinger Twins in Alphabet Song"

          "The Merry Go Round in the Jungle"

          ("How Now Boing Boing")

4.       "Outlaws"

          "The Day of the Fox"

          "A Wounded Bird"

          ("Gerald McBoing Boing's Symphony")

5.       "Twirlinger Twins in Average Giraffe"

          "Colonel Puffington and Mr. Finch"

          "Mr. Buzzard"

          "Martians Come Back"

          ("Georgie and the Dragon")

6.       "The Election"

          "The Fifty-First Dragon" (produced for "Omnibus")

          "Twirlinger Twins in The Ballet Lesson"

          ("Fudget's Budget")

7.       "Twirlinger Twins in Follow Me"

          "Mr. Tingley's Tangle"

          "The Little Boy Who Ran Away"

          ("The Oompahs")

8.       "One Wonderful Girl"

          "Just Believe in Make Believe"

          "Old MacDonald"

          ("The Miner's Daughter")

9.       "The Lion Hunt"

          "The Last Knight"

          "Persistent Mr. Fulton" (aka "Meet the Inventor: Robert Fulton")

          ("Little Boy with the Big Horn")

10.      "I Had a Bird"

          "Meet the Inventor: Samuel F. B. Morse"

          "Mr. Charmley Greets a Lady"

          ("Willie the Kid")

11.      "Blues Pattern"

          "Dusty of the Circus in Turned Around Clown"

          "Prehistoric Eohippus"

          ("The Unicorn in the Garden")

12.      "The Performing Painter"

          "Dusty of the Circus in The Sad Lion"

          "The Magic Fiddle"


13.     "The Unenchanted Princess"

          "Dusty of the Circus in The Five-Cent Nickel"

          "Be Quiet, Kind and Gentle"

          ("Christopher Crumpet")

1958 "The Boing-Boing Show" (later "The Gerald McBoing Boing Show") [CBS] (May 1958 - October 3, 1958)

Includes theatrical shorts produced for Columbia Pictures (listed in parentheses).

13 additional half-hour episodes:

14.      "Good Ole Country Music"

          "Dusty of the Circus in The Bear Scare"

          "Der Team from Zwischendorf"

          ("Punchy de Leon")

15.      "Winter Sports"

          "Mr. Charmley in the Jungle"

          "The Haunted Night"

          ("The Popcorn Story")

16.     "Romeo Wherefore Art Thou"

          "The Armored Car" (aka "The Missing Armored Car")

          "Twirlinger Twins in The Violin Recital"

          ("Rooty Toot Toot")

17.     "Fight On for Old"

          "Uncle Sneaky"

          "Peewee the Kiwi Bird"

          "The Quadrangle"

          ("The Family Circus")

18.      "The Little White Duck"

          "The Lost Duchess"

          "The Last Doubloon"


19.     "Aquarium"

          "The Beanstalk Trial"

          ("Wonder Gloves")

20.     "The Two Musicians"

          "Nero Fiddles"

          ("Pete Hothead")

21.     "Punch and Judy"

          "The Trojan Horse"

          ("The Magic Fluke")

22.     "Two by Two"

          "The Trial of Zelda Belle"

          ("Bringing Up Mother")

23.      "A Little Journey"

          "Meet the Inventor: Eli Whitney"

          ("The Emperor's New Clothes")

24.     "The 3-Horned Flink"

          "Dusty of the Circus in The Elephant Mystery"

          ("The Tell-Tale Heart")

25.      "Marvo the Magician"

          "The King and Joe"

          ("The Man on the Flying Trapeze")

26.      "The Matador and the Troubadour"

          "We Saw Sea Serpents"

          ("Robin Hoodlum")

Not aired:

          "Dusty of the Circus in Lion on the Loose"

1960 "Mister Magoo" [Syndicated] (Premiered November 7)

130 five-minute cartoons packaged as 26 half-hour episodes:

1.       "Military Magoo"

          "Base on Bawls"

          "Thin Skinned Diver"

          "Mother's Little Helper"

          "A Day at the Beach"

2.       "Ten Strike Magoo"

          "Robinson Crusoe Magoo"

          "Magoo's Caesar Solid"

          "This Is the Life"

          "Go West Magoo"

3.       "Who's Lion"

          "Soft Shoe Magoo"

          "Fox Pass"

          "Night Club Magoo"

          "Mis-guided Missile"

4.       "Insomniac Magoo"

          "Beatnik Magoo"

          "Magoo's Dog"

          "Fish 'n Tricks"

          "Campaigner Magoo"

5.       "Dangerous Dan Magoo"

          "Shotgun Magoo"

          "Lady in Black"

          "Magoo's Buggy"

          "Tree's a Crowd"

6.       "Riding Hood Magoo"

          "Indoor Outing"

          "Record Breakers"

          "Magoo's Jackpot"

          "Magoo's Bear"

7.       "High and Flighty"

          "S'No Ball Magoo"

          "South Pacific Potluck"

          "Masquerader Magoo"

          "Fixit Magoo"

8.       "Goo Goo Magoo"

          "Night Fright"

          "Magoo Gets His Man"

          "Bring 'Em Back Waldo"

          "Top Pro Magoo"

9.       "Magoo's Goal-Post"

          "Marco Magoo"

          "Saddle Battle"

          "Martian Magoo"

          "The Reunion"

10.     "Magoo's Birthday Cake"

          "Choo Choo Magoo" (later "Chug Chug Magoo")

          "Food Feud"

          "Magoo's Icebox"

          "The Billionaire"

11.      "Tut Tut Magoo" (later "King Tut Magoo")

          "People Are a Scream"

          "Rassle Hassle"

          "Mother's Cooking"

          "Eagle Eye Magoo"

12.      "Magoo's Safari Tale"

          "Foxy Magoo"

          "Hamlet on Rye"

          "Magoo's Vacuum Cleaner"

          "Magoo Goes Shopping"

13.      "Prince Charming Magoo"

          "Magoo's Houseboy"

          "High Spy Magoo"

          "Beau Jest"

          "Maestro Magoo"

14.      "Magoo at Blithering Heights"

          "Composer Magoo"

          "Magoo's Hamster"

          "Life Can Be Miserable"

          "Goldilocks Magoo"

15.      "Speedway Magoo"

          "Hunter Magoo"

          "Top the Music"

          "Magoo and Cholly"

          "Perils of Magoo"

16.      "Hula Magoo"

          "Magoo's Pets"

          "Safety Magoo"

          "Pet Sitters"

          "Sing Sing Fling"

17.      "Magoo's Last Stand"

          "Short Order Magoo"

          "Lost Vegas"

          "Cupid Magoo"

          "Cuckoo Magoo"

18.      "Three Ring Magoo"

          "Marshal Magoo"

          "Magoo's TV Set"

          "Slim Trim Magoo"

          "Foot Loose Magoo"

19.     "Buffalo Magoo"

          "Gasser Magoo"

          "Hermits Hideaway"

          "From Here to Fraternity"


20.     "Fire Chief Magoo"

          "Angler Magoo"

          "Requiem for a Bull"

          "Gangbuster Magoo"

          "Magoo's Gnu"

21.     "Magoo and the Beanstalk"

          "Magoo's Gorilla Friend"

          "The Real McGoys"

          "Magoo Meets Frankenstein" (released theatrically)

          "Cast Iron Magoo"

22.      "Green Thumb Magoo"

          "Lionhearted Magoo"

          "Double Trouble Double Trouble"

          "Yachtsman Magoo"

          "Decorator Magoo"

23.      "Bar-B-Q Magoo"

          "Magoo's Western Exposure"

          "Buccaneer Magoo"

          "The Vacuum Caper"

          "Magoo and the Medium"

24.      "Piggy Bank Magoo"

          "Magoo Meets McBoing Boing" (released theatrically)

          "Robin Hood Magoo"

          "Fuel in the Sun"

          "First Aid Magoo"

25.      "Magoo's Roof Goof"

          "Teenage Magoo" (released theatrically as "I Was a Teenage Magoo")

          "Cyrano Magoo"

          "Magoo's Surprise Party"

          "Magoo's Dutch Treat"

26.      "Skipper Magoo"

          "Private Eye Magoo"

          "Digger Magoo"

          "Muscles Magoo"

          "Who's Zoo Magoo" (later "Magoo's Zoo Story")

1961 "The Adventures of Dick Tracy" (later "The Dick Tracy Show") [Syndicated] (Premiered September 7)

Some cartoons rebroadcast on "Archie's TV Funnies" (September 11, 1971 - September 1, 1973).

130 five-minute cartoons packaged as 26 half-hour episodes:

1.       "Two Heels on Wheels"

          "Pearl Thief Grief"

          "Surprised Package"

          "The Platter-Puss Plot"

          "Tacos Jungle"

2.       "Red Hot Riding Hoods"

          "Champ Chumps"

          "Snow Job"

          "Stockyard Caper"

          "Elephant Caper"

3.       "The Oyster Caper"

          "Scrambled Yeggs"

          "Hotel Havoc"

          "Rocket Racket"

          "Jewel Fool"

4.       "A Boodle of Loot"

          "Lab Grab"

          "The Copycat Caper"

          "The Purple Boy"

          "The Parrot Caper"

5.       "Horse Race Chase"

          "Flea Ring Circus"

          "Rogues' Gallery"

          "Hawaiian Guy"

          "The Gold Grabbers"

6.       "The Onion Ring"

          "Brain Game"

          "The Big Blowup"

          "The Nickle Nabbers"

          "The Ruby of Hamistan"

7.       "The Ivory Rustlers"

          "Bowling Ball Bandits"

          "Big Bank Bungle"

          "The Log Book Case"

          "Lighthouse Creepers"

8.       "Rockabye Guys"

          "Mummy's the Word"

          "The Lock Mess Monster"

          "Tobacco Load"

          "Gym Jam"

9.       "Hot on the Trail"

          "Bomb's Away"

          "Cheater Gunsmoke"

          "Grandma Jitsu"

          "The Copped Copper Caper"

10.      "The Catnap Caper"

          "The Boomerang Ring"

          "The Skyscraper Caper"

          "Wheeling and Stealing"

          "The Vile Inn Case"

11.      "The Old Suitcase"

          "Funny Money"

          "The Penny Ante Caper"

          "The Snow Monster"

          "The Windmill Caper"

12.      "Mole in the Hole"

          "The Newspaper Caper"

          "Court Jester"

          "Phony Pharmers"

          "Small Time Crooks"

13.      "The Old Mummy Case"

          "Hooked Crooks"

          "Tanks a Heap"

          "The Flower Pot"

          "Gang Town"

14.      "The Monkey Tale"

          "Cooked Crooks"

          "The Manor Monster"

          "The Banana Peel Deal"

          "The Elevator Lift"

15.      "The Camera Caper"

          "Baggage Car Bandits"

          "Tick Tock Shock"

          "Down the Drain"

          "The Castle Caper"

16.      "The Bearskin Game"

          "The Casbah Express"

          "A Case for Alarm"

          "Escape from Sing Sing"

          "Trickery at Sea"

17.      "The Great Whodunit"

          "The Retouchables"

          "Gruesome Twosome"

          "The Two Way Stretch"

          "Fowl Play"

18.      "The Bird Brain Pickers"

          "Racer Chaser"

          "Steamboat Steal"

          "Stamp Scamp"

          "The Cop and Saucer"

19.      "Feathered Frenzy"

          "The Fish Filchers"

          "Mardi Gras Grab"

          "Oil's Well"

          "The Hot Ice Bag"

20.      "The Alligator Baggers"

          "The Venetian Bind"

          "The Island Racket"

          "The Gold Cash Caper"

          "The Bank Prank"

21.      "The Pigeon Coup"

          "Ham on the Lam"

          "The Medicine Show Case"

          "Two Goons in the Fountain"

          "The Lie Detector"

22.      "Choo Choo Boo Boo"

          "Trick or Treat"

          "Crooksters Last Stand"

          "The Tower of Pizza"

          "The Sweepstakes Caper"

23.      "Rocket 'n Roll"

          "Lumber Scamps"

          "The Fixed Stare Case"

          "Quick Cure Quacks"

          "The Chinese Cookie Caper"

24.     "Ghostward Ho!"

          "Air Freight Fright"

          "Evil Eye Guy"

          "The Van Vandals"

          "The Film Can Caper"

25.      "Crime Flies"

          "Kidnap Trap"

          "Football Brawl"

          "The Big Seal Steal"

          "The Big Wig"

26.      "The Stuffed Pillow Case"

          "Bettor Come Clean"

          "Smashing the Ring Ring"

          "The Big Punch"

          "The Last Blast"

1962 "Mister Magoo's Christmas Carol" [NBC] (Premiered December 18; rebroadcast December 13, 1963; December 18, 1964; December 17, 1965; December 17, 1966; December 17, 1967; then syndicated)

One-hour special.

1964 "The Famous Adventures of Mr. Magoo" [NBC] (September 19, 1964 - August 21, 1965)

26 half-hour cartoons, first aired in one-hour programs, then in half-hour programs:

1.       "William Tell"

2.       "Gunga Din"

3.       "Moby Dick"

4.       "Three Musketeers" (Part I)

5.       "Three Musketeers" (Part II)

6.       "Treasure Island" (Part I)

7.       "Treasure Island" (Part II)

8.       "Cyrano de Bergerac"

9.       "Rip Van Winkle"

10.      "Robin Hood" (Part I)

11.      "Robin Hood" (Part II)

12.      "Robin Hood" (Part III)

13.      "Robin Hood" (Part IV)

14.      "Little Snow White" (Part I)

15.      "Little Snow White" (Part II)

16.      "Don Quixote de la Mancha" (Part I)

17.      "Noah's Ark"

18.      "King Arthur"

19.      "A Midsummer Night's Dream"

20.      "The Count of Monte Cristo"

21.      "Paul Revere"

22.      "Doctor Frankenstein"

23.      "Captain Kidd"

24.      "Dick Tracy"

25.      "Don Quixote de la Mancha" (Part II)

26.      "Sherlock Holmes"

1970 "Uncle Sam Magoo" [NBC] [Premiered February 15, 1970; later syndicated)

One-hour special.

1977 "What's New, Mr. Magoo?" [CBS] (September 10, 1977 - September 9, 1979)

Produced by De Patie-Freleng Enterprises in association with UPA.

32 ten-minute cartoons packaged as 16 half-hour episodes:

1.       "Who's Zoo Magoo"

          "Museum Magoo"

2.       "Magoo's Monster Mansion"

          "Mountain Man Magoo"

3.       "Baby Sitter Magoo"

          "Mr. Magoo's Concert"

4.       "For the Birds Magoo"

          "A Magoo Bagatelle"

5.       "Caveman Magoo"

          "Motorcycle Magoo"

6.       "Lion Around Magoo"

          "Unglued Magoo"

7.       "Magoo's Yacht Party"

          "Choo Choo Magoo"

8.       "Boo, Magoo"

          "King Tut Magoo"

9.       "Good Neighbor Policy"

          "Magoo's Pizza"

10.      "Magoo's Kidnap Caper"

           "Gold Rush Magoo"

11.      "Come Back Little McBarker"

           "Magoo's Fountain of Youth"

12.       "Roamin' Magoo"

           "Miniature Magoo"

13.      "McBarker the Wonder Dog"

           "Jungle Man Magoo"

14.      "Spaceman Magoo"

           "Secret Agent Magoo"

15.      "Magoo's Driving Test"

          "Shutterbug Magoo"

16.      "Millionaire Magoo"

           "Rip Van Magoo"


c. 1959 "The UPA Cartoon Parade" (later "The UPA Cartoon Show") [Syndicated]

Includes cartoons produced for "The Boing-Boing Show" (see above).

Additional cartoons:

          "Operation Heart Throb"

          "Trap Happy"

          "Has Bean with Don Coyote and Chico"

          "The Genius Time Machine"

c. 1960s "Mr. Magoo's Feature Film Festival" [Syndicated]

Six two-hour specials comprised of episodes of "The Famous Adventures of Mr. Magoo":

1.      "Magoo in the King's Service"

("Three Musketeers" (Part I)

"Three Musketeers" (Part II)

"Cyrano de Bergerac"

"King Arthur")

2.      "Mr. Magoo in Sherwood Forest"

          ("Robin Hood" (Part I)

"Robin Hood" (Part II)

"Robin Hood" (Part III)

"Robin Hood" (Part IV))

3.      "Mr. Magoo's Storybook"

("Little Snow White" (Part I)

"Little Snow White" (Part II)

"Don Quixote de la Mancha" (Part I)

         "Don Quixote de la Mancha" (Part II)

          "A Midsummer Night's Dream")

4.      "Magoo at Sea"

         ("Moby Dick"

"Treasure Island" (Part I)

"Treasure Island" (Part II)

         "Captain Kidd"

"Noah's Ark")

5.       "Mr. Magoo... Man of Mystery"

          ("The Count of Monte Cristo"

          "Doctor Frankenstein"

          "Dick Tracy"

          "Sherlock Holmes")

6.       "Mr. Magoo's Favorite Heroes"

          ("William Tell"

          "Gunga Din"

          "Rip Van Winkle"

          "Paul Revere")

1989 "Mr. Magoo and Friends" [USA Network] (September 1989 - September 1990)

Includes cartoons produced for "The Boing-Boing Show," "Mr. Magoo," and "What's New, Mr. Magoo?" (see above).

65 half-hour episodes.



UPA characters have also appeared in other works not produced by UPA:

1997 "Mr. Magoo" [Walt Disney Pictures] A live-action feature film starring Leslie Nielsen as the nearsighted Quincy Magoo.  It premiered on December 25, 1997.

2005 "Gerald McBoing Boing" [Cartoon Network] A half-hour animated series, which premiered on August 29, 2005.

2010 "Kung-Fu Magoo" [Classic Media] A straight-to-DVD animated feature, which was released on May 11, 2010.

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