Abrams, Bob () Color The Famous Adventures of Mr. Magoo

Alch, Allen or Alan (-1995) Lyricist Rooty Toot Toot

Allan, Ted () Story

Alvarado, Peter (Pete) (-2003) Layout

Ambro, Hal (1913-1990) Animator

Amsterdam, Morey (1908-1996) Voice

Aragon, Ray () Designer Gay Purr-ee

Arlen, Harold (1905-1986) Composer Gay Purr-ee

Armitage, Frank () Background Mister Magoo

Aronburg, Norman ()

Aspin, Jenny ()

Atkins, George (1929-) Story

Babbitt, Arthur (Art) (1907-1992) Animator, Director

Backus, Jim (1913-1989) Voice of Magoo, Story

Baker, Edward (Ted) Editor

Baldwin, Barbara () Ink & Paint

Baldwin, Gerard (1929-) Director

Barge, Ed (1910-1991) Animator The Famous Adventures of Mr. Magoo

Barnsbach, Richard () Director and Editor Dimensions of Quality

Baron, Le Roy ()

Bartel, Paul (1938-2000)

Barzman, Sol () Story

Battaglia, Aurelius (Aurie) (1910-1984) Designer, Director

Bazelon, Irwin (Bud or Buzz) (1922-1995) Composer - NY

Beckerman, Howard (1930-) Assistant Animator - NY

Beckwith, Xenia (later De Mattia) (1909-1998) Animator

Begg, Barbara (1914-1978) Background, Color

Benaderet, Bea (1906-1968) Voice Mister Magoo

Benedict, Tony (1936-) Assistant, Animator, Story

Bennett, Earl (Sir Fredrick or Fredric Gas) (1918-2007) Sound, Editor, Voice

Bennett, Julie (1943-) Voice

Bennion, Nick () Story Dick Tracy

Bentley, Robert (Bob) (1907-2000) Animator Mister Magoo

Bernal, Willliam (Bill) () Sales, Story - NY

Bernardi, Herschel (1923-1986) Voice

Berndi, William () Story

Bertino, Al (1912-1996) Story

Bethune, Ted () Background - NY

Bibb, Leon () NY

Blanc, Melvin (Mel) (1908-1989) Voice

Boardman, William True, Jr. (1909-2003) Writer The Famous Adventures of Mr. Magoo

Bollay, Eugene () Voice The Jaywalker

Bonnicksen, Theordore (Ted) Animator The Famous Adventures of Mr. Magoo

Bosustow, Audrey (née Stephenson) (1910-1975) Secretary

Bosustow, Stephen (Steve) (1911-1981) Co-founder, Executive Producer, President

Brandt, Carl () Composer

Bransford, Bob () Animator The Famous Adventures of Mr. Magoo

Braxton, Frank () Animator Mister Magoo

Brightman, Homer (1901-1988) Story Dick Tracy

Brown, Robert C. (Bob) () Unit Manager

Bruns, George (1914-1983) Composer

Buehre, Jack () Camera

Bulloch, Walden (aka Wally Bullock) () Camera

Burness, Wilson D. (Pete) (1904-1969) Director, Animator, Producer, Story

Burr, Doris ()

Butler, Daws (1916-1988) Voice

Buttons, Red (1919-2006) Voice Gay Purr-ee

Cain, Mary (1916-1996) Ink & Paint, Technical Supervisor

Campbell, Jack () Animator 1001 Arabian Nights

Cannata, Dolores (1933-) Designer

Cannata, George ()

Cannon, Robert (Bobe) (1909-1964) Animator, Director, Producer, Story

Carlson, Bob () Animator

Carlson, Paul () Animator

Carver, Ron () Story Mister Magoo

Case, Brad (1912-2006) Director Mister Magoo

Cassidy, Jack (1927-1976) Voice Mister Magoo's Christmas Carol

Castillo, Del () Composer

Chadwick, Ralph () Editor

Chain, Barbara () Writer

Chang, Harry () NY

Cheney, Rev () Ink & Paint, Checker

Cherry, Ruth () NY

Clari, Joseph

Clark Sisters () Voice 1001 Arabian Nights

Clark, Steve () Director

Clayberger, Sam (1926-) Designer, Color

Clayton, Bill () Voice Uncle Sam Magoo

Cohen, Herman () Animator

Cole, Cornelius, III (Corny) () Designer

Comstock, Frank (1922-) Composer

Condon, Richard (Dick) (1915-1996) Publicity

Conried, Hans (1917-1982) Voice

Cook, Dennis () Camera The Famous Adventures of Mr. Magoo

Cooper, Bob () Composer The Boing-Boing Show

Cooper, Peter () Camera - NY

Craig, George B. (Skip) (1931-) Editor

Cramer, Hedy () Secretary, Receptionist, Bookkeeper - NY

Crawley, Constance (Connie) () Animator

Crippen, Fred (1928-) Animator, Designer, Director - NY and LA

Crowther, Duane (1929-1998) Animator - NY

Cullen, Edward (Ed) () Business Manager - NY

Cummings, Rita () Public Relations

Curtin, Hoyt S. (1922-2000) Composer

Cutkomp, Thomas () Composer

Daggett, Charles (Chuck) () Publicity

Daley, Roger () Animator

Daly, Selby () Assistant Animator

Danch, William (Bill) (1910-2004) Story

Daniel, Eliot () Choral Direction Uncle Sam Magoo

Dano, Royal (1922-1994) Voice Mister Magoo's Christmas Carol

David, Tissa (1921-2012) Assistant Animator - NY

Davis, Arthur (Art) (1905-2000) Animator Gay Purr-ee

Davis, James (Jim) Animator

Davis, Maxine () Secretary

Davis, Phil () Story

Decker, Christine ()

De Garter, Fred () Story

Deitch, Gene (1924-) Apprentice Designer - LA; Director, Creative Director - NY

De Met, Peter () Executive

Derman, Bill () Story

Detiege, Dave (1926-1984) Story

DeVally, Ray () Editor

Dias, Ronald (Ron) (1937-) Background

Donley, Roger B. (1922-1995) Sound

Drake, Ken (1925-) Production Manager - NY, Camera - London

Dranko, Robert (Bob) (1924-2009) Color, Designer, Director

Duncan, Phil () Animator, Director

Duning, George (1908-2000) Composer 1001 Arabian Nights

Dunn, Jerri () NY

Dunning, George (1920-1979) Story, Director - NY and London

Duran, Pat (née Patricia Fleming, later Coffey) (1928-) Secretary

Durn, Dixon ()

Eastman, Philip (Phil) (1909-1986) Story

Easton, Jack (1918-1984) Composer

Eckes, Jack () Camera

Elias, Hal (1899-1993) Production Manager

Ellenhorn, Maury () Composer

Elliott, Dean () Composer

Elliott, John () Composer, Lyricist

Ellis, Isadore (Iz or Izzy) (1910-1994) Animator

Ellis, Madeline () Ink & Paint

Engel, Julius (Jules) (1909-2003) Designer, Color

Evans, Osmond () Animator, Director

Fagin, Maurie (aka Faigin) Assistant, Animator

Fallis, Marne () Sound, Projectionist

Farnon, Dennis (1923-) Composer

Feldman, B. ()

Fennell, Paul () Director

Ferguson, William Norman (Norm) (1902-1957) Animator

Fleischman, Jack () Story

Fletcher, James (Jim) () Assistant

Fleury, Bernyce (née Polifka) (1913-) Layout, Background

Fleury, Eugene (Gene) (1913-)

Folk, John () Camera The Famous Adventures of Mr. Magoo

Foray, June (1917-) Voice

Fox, Dorothy () Secretary

Frankfort, Steve (aka Frankfurt) Designer - NY

Frasier, Charles ()

Freberg, Stan (1926-) Voice

Freeman, Don () Story

Frees, Paul (1920-1986) Voice

Friedman, Ed (Eddie) (1912-2005) Animator

Friedman, Marvin () Designer - NY

Fritsch, Gunther (aka von Fritsch) (1906-1988)

Fry, Doris ()

Gardner, Joan (1926-1992) Voice

Garland, Judy (née Frances Gumm) (1922-1969) Voice Gay Purr-ee

Gaynor, Wardell () Camera - NY

Geisel, Theodor (Ted) (aka Dr. Seuss) (1904-1991) Story

George, Nick () Story Mister Magoo

Geronimi, Clyde (Gerry) (1901-1989) Director

Gershman, Edward (Ed) () Supervisor, Production Manager, Business Manager

Gerstein, Mordicai (Mordi) () Story, Designer, Director - NY

Getzler, Melvin (Bud) () Production Manager

Gilbert, Charlotte ()

Gilbert, Patti or Pattie () Voice Uncle Sam Magoo

Gilkyson, Terry (1916-1999) Music Man on the Land

Gingold, Hermione (1897-1987) Voice Gay Purr-ee

Givens, Robert (Bob) (1918-) Story, Layout, Design

Glas, Sherman (Sherm) () Unit Manager, Technical Supervision

Glasko, Aline ()

Gold, Ernest (1921-1999) Composer

Goldman, Martha (later Sigall) (1917-) Ink & Paint

Goldstein, Jerry ()

Gollub, Morris (Moe) () Layout

Goodford, Jack () Designer, Director - NY

Goodwin, Bill (1910-1958) Announcer The Boing-Boing Show

Goolin, Alexander N. (Alex) () Certified Public Accountant

Gordon, George (1906-1986) Story Editor The Famous Adventures of Mr. Magoo

Gordon, Peter ()

Gorelick, Boris () Background, Color

Gottfredson, Norm () Designer, Director

Goulet, Robert (1933-2007) Voice Gay Purr-ee

Grable, Fred () Animator, Story

Grandpré, George () Production Coordinator The Famous Adventures of Mr. Magoo

Grant, Kathryn (later Crosby) (1933-) Voice 1001 Arabian Nights

Greenwood, Rollie () Checking The Famous Adventures of Mr. Magoo

Gross, Jack, Jr. (1929-2007) Story

Grossfeld, Sid () Voice Uncle Sam Magoo

Guarnier, Lucifer (Lu) (1914-2007) Animator - NY

Gudavison, Janet ()

Haboush, Victor (Vic) (1924-2009) Art Director

Haines, Roy () Sales

Halloway, Sterling (1905-1992) Voice Our Mr. Sun

Hambleton, Edward T. () Treasurer

Hamilton, Chico (1921-) Composer The Boing-Boing Show

Hammer, Barbara (later Avedon) (1930-1994) Story

Hanan, David (Dave) () Layout Operation Heart Throb

Hansen, Helen () Ink & Paint

Harburg, E. Y. (Yip) (1896-1981) Lyricist

Harding, Laverne (1905-1984) Animator The Famous Adventures of Mr. Magoo

Harris, Ken (1898-1982) Animator

Harrison, Martha ()

Hart, John (1917-2009) Voice Mister Magoo's Christmas Carol

Hartman, Clarence (C. L.) Animator

Hathcock, Jerry (1911-1997) Animator, Director

Hausner, Jerry (1909-1993) Voice, Story, Dialogue Director

Hazelton, Gene (1919-2005) Layout

Hecht, Ben (1894-1964) Story

Hee, Thornton (T.) (1911-1988) Story, Designer, Director

Heinemann, Arthur (Art) () Designer, Director

Heisch, Glan () Producer

Heiter, Jack () Color, Background

Hellmich, Celia ()

Hess, Harry () The Boing-Boing Show

Hickman, Dwayne (1934-) Voice 1001 Arabian Nights

Hicks, Tom () Story Dick Tracy

High, Dave () Background

Hilberman, David (Dave) (1911-2007) Co-founder, Story, Designer

Hilberman, Libbie (née Kirshner) (1913-) Secretary

Hiltz, James (Jim) (1927-) Story, Director

Himes, John () Voice Uncle Sam Magoo

Hitesman, John () Titles Gay Purr-ee

Holland, Gladys () Voice Madeline

Holt, Bob (1928-1985) Voice Uncle Sam Magoo

Horta, Sam () Editor

Horton, Edward Everett (1886-1970) Voice The Boing-Boing Show

Hubley, Claudia (née Sewell) () Ink & Paint

Hubley, John (Hub) (1914-1977) Story, Designer, Director, Producer

Hughes, Wayne () Editor

Hultgren, Ken (1915-1968) Animator

Hurtz, William T. (Bill) (1919-2000) Designer, Director, Story

Hustead, Edith () NY

Hutchcroft, Roy () Camera Gay Purr-ee

Huxley, Aldous (1894-1963) Story Don Quixote

Inman, Robert (Bob) () Color

Ishii, Christopher (Chris) (1919-2001) Designer, Director - NY

Jacobs, Edna () Ink & Paint - NY

Jencks, Pat () Ink & Paint The Famous Adventures of Mr. Magoo

Jennings, Tom ()

Jonas, Earl () Production Manager

Jones, Charles M. (Chuck) (1912-2002) Director, Writer

Jones, Dorothy (1907-1978) Writer Gay Purr-ee

Jones, Volus (1913-2004) Animator Gay Purr-ee

Jordan, Henrietta (Henry or Hank, née Kuhn) (1917-2009) Secretary

Julian, Paul (1914-1995) Color, Designer, Background, Story, Director

Kai, Sam (Sammy) () NY

Kaplan, Ervin L. (Erv) (1927-) Color, Background

Kaplan, Marvin (1927-) Voice The Boing-Boing Show

Kataoka, Michi () Ink & Paint, Color

Kaufman, Les () Publicity

Kaufman, Lorraine (née Paley) ()

Kaufman, Millard (1917-2009) Story

Kean, Jane (1924-) Voice Mister Magoo's Christmas Carol

Keegan, Duane () Camera Gay Purr-ee

Keller, Lew (1912-1996) Designer, Director, Animator, Story, Production Planner

Kelsey, Richard (Dick) () Color Gay Purr-ee

King, Dennis, Jr. (1921-1986) Voice The Famous Adventures of Mr. Magoo

Kingery, Robert ()

Kinney, Dick () Story

Kinney, John (Jack) (1909-1992) Director 1001 Arabian Nights

Klynn, Herbert (Herb) (1917-1999) Designer, Color, Production Manager

Kopelson, Arnold (1935-) Legal

Kotler, William (Bill) () Camera The Famous Adventures of Mr. Magoo

Kremenliev, Boris (1911-1988) Composer

Krown, S. Richard (Dick) (1931-) Production Manager

Kubik, Gail (1914-1984) Composer

Kupperman, Howard () NY

LaPointe, Irwin () Production Assistant - NY

Lardner, Ringgold, Jr. (Ring) (1915-2000) Story Brotherhood of Man

Larriva, Rudolph (Rudy) (1916-2010) Animator, Director

Lava, William (1911-1971) Composer

Lees, Benjamin (1924-) Composer

Lees, Robert () Writer Hell-Bent for Election

Leven, Mel (-2008) Composer, Lyricist, Voice

Levitow, Abraham (Abe) (1922-1975) Director, Producer

Levitt, Edward (Ed) () Designer

Lilley, Joseph J. (1913-1971) Vocal Arranger Gay Purr-ee

Lindsey, Mort (1923-) Music Arranger, Conductor Gay Purr-ee

Liss, Abe (1916-1963) Designer, Director, Story - LA; Creative Director - NY

Littlejohn, William (Bill) (1914-2010) Animator

Livadary, John (1896-1987) Sound

Longo, John ()

Lubben, Sid ()

Lung, Charles (Charlie) (1897-1974) Voice Mister Magoo

Lunick, Olga () Choreographer

Lusk, Don () Animator Gay Purr-ee

MacLean, Robinson (Bob) () Story

Madison, Fred () Animator Gay Purr-ee

Mallery, Clarke () Animator

Mane, Ruth () NY

Marcellino, Muzzy (1912-1997) Composer

Markes, Larry (1921-1999) Writer Uncle Sam Magoo

Marron, Paul () Unit Manager

Marshall, John () Assistant

Mason, James (1909-1984) Voice The Tell-Tale Heart

Mather, Jack (1906-1966) Voice

Matthews, John ()

Matthews, John R. (Pat) (1916-1972) Animator

Matthews, Marie () Voice Mister Magoo's Christmas Carol

Maury, Lou (1911-1975) Composer

Maxfield, Bob () Animator

May, Billy (1916-2004) Composer

McClean, Murry () Director Mister Magoo

McCormick, Don () Assistant Animator, Vice President, Studio Manager - NY

McCurdy, Grace () Checking

McDonald, Tom () Animator, Director

McIntosh, Robert (Bob) (1916-2010) Color, Background, Design

McKennon, Dallas (Dal or Dale) (1919-2009) Voice The Famous Adventures of Mr. Magoo

McKimson, Robert (Bob) (1910-1977) Director The Famous Adventures of Mr. Magoo

McKinney, Vera () Ink & Paint

McLeish, John (later Ployardt) (1916-1968) Story

Meighan, Jack () Composer, Lyricist

Melendez, José Cuautémoc (Bill) (1916-2008) Animator

Menken, Shepard (Shep) (1921-1999) Voice

Merrill, Barbara () Ink & Paint

Merrill, Bob (1921-1998) Lyricist Mister Magoo's Christmas Carol

Messerli, Joe ()

Miller, Gene () Layout

Miller, J. Dan () Camera

Miller, Marvin (1913-1985) Voice

Mishkin, Lee (1927-2001) Designer, Story

Monroe, Phil (1916-1988) Animator

Moon, Edith ()

Moore, Phil (1918-1987) Composer

Morgan, Don () Layout, Titles

Morgan, Maxwell (Max) () Camera, Assistant Director, Technical Supervision

Morita, Roy (1928-1984) Designer

Morley, Karen (1909-2003) Assistant

Morris, Howard (1919-2005) Voice

Morton, Arthur (1908-2000) Orchestrator

Motler, Bill () Camera

Murakami, Teru (Jim or Jimmy) (1933-) Designer, Story, Director

Murphy, Marty (1933-2009) Designer, Story, Production Planner

Murray, Lyn (1909-1989) Composer, Music Director, Voice

Natwick, Myron (Grim) (1890-1990) Animator

Nelson, John () Camera The Famous Adventures of Mr. Magoo

Nevius, Gerald (G. M.) () Director

Newberry, Helen () Secretary

Newenhouse, Cecil () NY

Newman, Walter (1916-1993) Story

Nichols, Margaret () Layout

Nofziger, Ed (1913-2000) Story

Nordli, Ernest (1912-1968) Designer Gay Purr-ee

Norman, Phill (-2009) Color, Titles

O'Brien, Ken () Animator Mister Magoo

O'Callahan, Marion (later Jeffress) () Ink & Paint

O'Connor, Rosemary () Background

Ogle, Bob (1926-1984) Story

Olsher, Laura (1927-) Voice Mister Magoo's Christmas Carol

Onaitis, Casey (1910-1984) Animator

Onaitis, Frank (1918-1999)

Oreb, Tom () Designer

Orgel, Lee (1925-2004) Producer

Ormonde, Czenzi (1913-2004) Writer 1001 Arabian Nights

Osborne, Robert ()

Otterstrom, Charles (Chic or Chick) (1914-1969) Animator Mister Magoo

Ozark, Jack (1914-2000) Animator Mister Magoo

Parmelee, Theodore (Ted) (1912-1964) Design, Director, Story

Partch, James (Bud) () Animator

Patterson, Raymond (Ray) (1911-2001) Animator, Director

Peary, Harold (Hal) (1908-1985) Voice

Peel, Spencer () Assistant

Perez, William (Bill) () Production Planner

Perrin, Vic (1916-1989) Voice

Peters, Donald (Don) () Color Gay Purr-ee

Peterson, Charleen (later Kinser) (1933-2008) Designer

Peterson, Sidney (1905-2000) Writer The Boing-Boing Show

Phillips, Barney (1913-1982) Voice Uncle Sam Magoo

Phillips, Kalman () Story

Pierce, Edward Stacey, III (Ted or Tedd) (1906-1972) Story

Pintoff, Ernest (Ernie) (1931-2002) Story, Designer, Director

Platt, Kin () Story Dick Tracy

Posner, Bernard (Barney) (1915-) Animator

Previn, Dory (née Dorothy Langan, aka Langdon) (1925-) Story

Price, Judy () NY

Probert, George (1927-) Editor

Pyle, Willis (Willy) (1914-) Animator

Raksin, David (Dave) (1912-2004) Composer

Rapf, Maurice (1914-2003) Story Brotherhood of Man

Ravenscroft, Thurl (1914-2005) Voice

Ray, Gerald (Gerry) (-1984) Animator, Director

Raymond, James () Story

Reed, Alan (1907-1977) Voice

Richman, Marian (1922-1956) Voice

Rivera, Tony () Designer, Layout

Rizzo, Anthony (Tony) (1919-2000) Background

Roberts, Cliff (1929-1999) Designer - NY

Roberts, William (Bill) (1913-1997) Story

Robeson, David () Story Sparks and Chips Get the Blitz

Robinson, Earl (1910-1991) Composer Hell-Bent for Election

Robinson, Helen () NY

Robinson, Keith () NY

Roetcher, Jackie () Ink & Paint - NY

Rogers, Milton (Shorty) (1924-1994) Composer

Roman, Dunbar (Dun) (1914-1980) Story, Designer

Roman, Phil (1930-) Animator

Rosen, Sam (1925-2005) Additional Dialogue Uncle Sam Magoo

Rupp, Jacques (1921-2000) Titles The Famous Adventures of Mr. Magoo

Russell, Bob () Story

Russell, Stan () Production Manager - NY

Salkin, Leo (1913-1993) Story

Salzburg, Milton ()

Sanford, Tom ()

Saperstein, Henry G. (Hank) (1918-1998) Executive Producer, Owner 1960-1998

Saperstein, Irene () President, Owner 1998-2000

Sargent, Thornton () Distribution

Scanlon, Ernest ()

Scharf, Walter (1910-2003) Composer, Conductor, Arranger

Schecter, Dorothy (née Meyer) (1924-2010) Office Manager

Schneider, Margaret () Story

Schneider, Paul () Story

Schnerk, Jack () Assistant, Animator - NY and LA

Schnitzer, Gerald (Jerry) () Story

Schwartz, Zachary (Zack) (1913-2003) Co-founder, Story, Designer, Director

Scott, Bill (1920-1985) Story, Associate Producer, Voice, Dialogue Director

Scott, Dorothy () Voice

Scribner, Roderick (Rod) (1910-1976) Animator, Director

Sebern, Ted (1908-1975) Editor, Sound

Shaffer, Myer () Assistant

Shaw, Richard (Dick) (1914-) Story

Shelley, Dave (1931-1989) Voice Uncle Sam Magoo

Sheppard, Don (-2000) Layout

Sherman, Ray (1923-) Composer

Shindo, Tak () Composer

Shull, William (Bill) () Animator

Silverman, Jack () Vice President of Sales - NY

Silvey, Shirley () Layout, Designer

Simmons, Grant (1912-1970) Director, Animator

Sine, Leonard ()

Singer, George (1923-2002) Animator - NY

Singer, Robert (Bob) () Designer, Layout

Siracusa, Joseph (Joe) (1922-) Sound, Editor

Sloane, Everett (1909-1965) Voice

Smalley, Al () Story

Smith, Frank (Frankie) (1911-1973) Animator, Director

Smith, Hank () Animator

Smith, John T. () Voice

Smith, Paul (1906-1985) Composer

Smith, Paul J. (1906-1980) Animator

Solomon, Ed () Animator

Somerville, Ralph (1905-2000) Animator The Famous Adventures of Mr. Magoo

Spector, Irv (1914-1977) NY

Spence, Irven L. (Irv) (1909-1995) Animator

Stagg, Paulene () Accounting

Stevens, Jack () Camera Gay Purr-ee

Stevens, Marion () Ink & Paint

Stoloff, Morris (1898-1980) Conductor

Street, Hal () NY

Strother, Sanford (Sandy) Animator

Styne, Jule (1905-1994) Composer Mister Magoo's Christmas Carol

Sturtevant, Sterling (later Glasband) (1922-1962) Designer

Surry, Cecil (1907-1956) Animator

Swanson, Fred () Sales

Swift, Allen (1924-) Voice - NY

Tarricone, Terry () NY

Tetley, Walter (1915-1975) Voice The Boing-Boing Show

Thompson, Auril (née Blunt) (1917-) Ink & Paint The Famous Adventures of Mr. Magoo

Thompson, Richard (Dick) (1914-1998) Animator

Thorpe, Jeanne () Ink & Paint

Thursby, Ray () Assistant Director, Assistant Production Manager, Checking

Timmins, Reuben (1910-1994) Animator The Famous Adventures of Mr. Magoo

Toben, Charlotte () Background

Toombs, Harvey (1909-1968) Animator

Tremayne, Les (1913-2003) Voice Mister Magoo's Christmas Carol

Turner, Gil () Animator, Director

Ung, Richard (Dick) () Designer, Layout

Urie, John (1929-) Story

Vadnay, László (1904-1967) Story Don Quixote

Villarino, Jeronimo or Geronimo () Guitar

Wade, Alan ()

Walber, Tor () NY

Walker, John () Animator, Director

Ward, Pat () Ink & Paint - NY

Ward, Vicky () NY

Washam, Benjamin (Ben) (1915-1984) Animator

Washam, Jean (1928-) Secretary

Washington, Ned (1901-1976) Lyricist 1001 Arabian Nights

Weidman, David (Dave) (1921-) Background, Color

Weinrib, Lennie (1935-2006) Voice Uncle Sam Magoo

Weir, Joyce () Assistant, Animator

Weiss, Sam (1926-2001) Designer, Layout

Wentworth, Martha (1889-1974) Voice

Whitfield, Ann () Voice

Whitney, John (1917-1995) Director, Designer

Whittington, Dick ()

Wiggenhorn, Bard () Animator - NY

Wilkins, Stan () Animator

Williams, Richard (Dick) (1933-) London

Wilson, Stanley J. (1915-1970) Composer

Witmer, Thelma (1901-1996) Color

Wright, Helen () Editor The Famous Adventures of Mr. Magoo

Wright, Ralph (1908-1988) Story, Additional Dialogue

Wood, Gloria () Color, Background

Woodward, Marvin () Animator The Famous Adventures of Mr. Magoo

Woolery, Adrian D. (Ade) (1909-1992) Checking, Supervisor, Production Manager

Yakutis, Thomas (Tom) (1929-2002) Layout Mister Magoo

Youngstein, Max (1913-1997) Publicity

Zamora, Rudy (1910-1989) Animator

Zaslove, Alan (1927-) Animator, Director

The following is an attempt at a complete list of all individuals who worked at UPA, including long-term employees, independent contractors, and voice actors who may have worked on a film or two.  Key employment positions are listed.  A film or television title will appear for those who worked on only one or two UPA productions.  Links appear in blue.