Sparks and Chips Get the Blitz     1943

Producer: Stephen Bosustow

Story: Zack Schwartz, David Hilberman, Dave Robeson

Design: Zack Schwartz

Background: Bernyce Polifka

Hell-Bent for Election     1944

Executive Producer: Stephen Bosustow

Director: Charles M. Jones

Music by: Earl Robinson

Writer: Robert Lees

Lyrics: E. Y. Harburg

Assistant: Karen Morley

Production Design: Zack Schwartz

Produced by: Industrial Films

[Story: John Hubley, William Hurtz, Phil Eastman

Additional Design: Bernyce Fleury

Background: Paul Julian

Animation: William Shull, Jack Bradbury, Ray Patin, Robert Cannon, Shamus Culhane, Emery Hawkins, Pat

       Matthews, Volus Jones, Jim [?] Armstrong, Mark [?] Davis, Cornet Wood, Rex Cox, Grant Simmons, Phil

       Monroe, Rudy Larriva, William Hurtz

Assistant and Inbetween: Roger Daley, Kay Silva, Eric Guerney, Jack Huber, Barbara Baldwin, Charlotte [?],

       Xenia Beckwith, Charlotte Gleason, Cecil Beard, Marie Stimson

Production Supervisor/Checker: Ade Woolery

Business Manager: Ed Gershman

Ink and Paint Supervisor: Mary Cain

Inkers: Kay Silva, Marie Stimson, Joan Shrimpton, Rae Medby, Charlotte Darling, Jean Keil, Marie Griswold,

       Martha Goldman

Painters: Jean Irwin, Mary Lou Eastman, Margaret Murray

Ink and/or Paint: Barbara Webster, Jean Higgins, Barbara Baldwin, Mary Nolan, Katharine Coleman

Camera: Max Morgan

Editorial: Dick Jensen]

A Few Quick Facts about Inflation     1944

Director: Osmond Evans

A Few Quick Facts about Fear     1945

Director: Zack Schwartz

Brotherhood of Man     1945

Direction: Robert Cannon

Screen Story: Ring Lardner, Jr.; Maurice Rapf; John Hubley; Phil Eastman

Animation: Robert Cannon, Ken Harris, Ben Washam

Production Design: John Hubley, Paul Julian

Background: Boris Gorelick

Music: Paul Smith

Executive Producer: Stephen Bosustow

Source: Races of Mankind (1943) by Ruth Benedict and Gene Weltfish

Tuesday in November     c. 1945-6

Uncredited: Tom Jennings

Fuel     c. 1945-6

Director: Zack Schwartz

Flat Hatting     1946

Director: John Hubley

Layout: John Hubley, William Hurtz

Story: Millard Kaufman

Voice: William Conrad

Source: Flat-Hatting Sense (U.S. government pamphlet)

Saga of 666     c. 1945-6

Story: John Hubley

Svenson's Seniority     c. 1945-6

Story: John Hubley

Healthy, Wealthy and Wise     c. 1945-6

Story: Larraine Kaufman

Design: Zack Schwartz, Lew Keller

The Man in the Cage     c. 1946

Story: Millard Kaufman

After the Cut     1946

Director: John Hubley

Animation: Art Babbitt

Public Opinion Polls     1947

Director: John Hubley

Design: William Hurtz

Landing Accidents     c. 1947

Director: John Hubley

"Human Growth" in Understanding Ourselves     1947

Story: Phil Eastman

Swab Your Choppers     1948

Director: John Hubley

The Red Pony     1949

Animation Design: Ted Parmelee

Hazards in Ground Operation in Jet Aircraft     1949

Voice: Paul Frees

Jet Wings for Tomorrow     1949

Director: Lew Keller

Writer: Kalman Phillips

Animation: Frank Smith, Alan Zaslove

Design: Sam Clayberger

Editor: Ralph Chadwick

Executive Producer: Stephen Bosustow

Discipline Pays Off     1951

Story: Phil Eastman

Voice: Marvin Miller

Man on the Land     1951

Supervisor: Film Counselors, Inc.

Associate Director: Art Heinemann

Story: William Roberts

Design: Sterling Glasband, Tony Rivera

Color: Bob Dranko, Boris Gorelick, Bob McIntosh, Paul Julian

Ballad: Terry Gilkyson

Animation: Art Babbitt, Pat Matthews, Grim Natwick, Roger Daley, Tom McDonald

Music: William Lava

Narration: Vic Perrin, Bill Scott

Production Manager: Herb Klynn

Executive Producer: Stephen Bosustow

Director: Bill Hurtz

Man Alive!     1952

Story: Bill Scott, William Roberts

Design: Art Heinemann, Sterling Sturtevant

Music: Benjamin Lees

Voices: Vic Perrin, Dorothy Scott, Bill Scott

Animation: Cecil Surry, Phil Monroe, Rudy Larriva

Color: Robert McIntosh, Boris Gorelick, Michi Kataoka, Jules Engel

Production Manager: Herbert Klynn

Executive Producer: Stephen Bosustow

Director: William T. Hurtz

More Than Meets the Eye     1952

Narrator: Robert Trout

The Four Poster     [Animation Credits Only]     1952

Interscenes Created by: UPA

Director: John Hubley

Animation Artists: Paul Julian, Art Babbitt, Lew Keller

Producer: Stephen Bosustow, United Productions of America

[Uncredited: Herb Klynn]

It's Time for Everybody     1953

Director: Robert Cannon

Story: T. Hee

Design: Sterling Sturtevant

Color: Jules Engel

Look Who's Driving     1954

Story: William Bernal, William Hurtz

Design: Robert Dranko

Animation: Fred Grable, Ben Washam, C. L. Hartman, Casey Onaitis

Color: Robert Dranko, Michi Kataoka

Music: George Bruns

Production Manager: Herbert Klynn

Executive Producer: Stephen Bosustow

Director: William T. Hurtz

Sappy Homiens     1956

Director: Leo Salkin

Story: Leo Salkin

Music: Shorty Rogers

Inside Magoo     1959

Director: Abe Levitow

1001 Arabian Nights     1959

Executive Producer: Stephen Bosustow

Voices: Jim Backus (Uncle Abdoul Azziz Magoo), Kathryn Grant (Princess Yasminda), Dwayne Hickman (Magoo's

        Nephew, Aladdin), Hans Conried (Wicked Wazir), Herschel Bernardi (Jinni of the Lamp), Daws Butler (Omar

        the Rugmaker), Alan Reed (Sultan), Clark Sisters (The Three Little Maids from Damascus)

Screenplay: Czenzi Ormonde

Story: Dick Shaw, Dick Kinney, Leo Salkin, Pete Burness, Lew Keller, Ed Nofziger, Ted Allan, Margaret Schneider,

        Paul Schneider

Music: George Duning

Conductor: Morris Stoloff

Songs: Ned Washington, George Duning

Production Design: Robert Dranko

Layout: Shirley Silvey, Gene Miller

Color Design: Jules Engel, Bob McIntosh

Background: Boris Gorelick, Barbara Begg, Rosemary O'Connor

Animation Director: Abe Levitow

Sequence Directors: Rudy Larriva, Gil Turner, Osmand Evans, Tom McDonald, Alan Zaslove

Animation: Clarke Mallery, Bob Carlson, Jim Davis, Casey Onaitis, Rudy Zamora, Stan Wilkins, Harvey Toombs, Phil

        Duncan, Frank Smith, Ken Hultgren, Sanford Strother, Ed Friedman, Jack Campbell, Herman Cohen

Orchestrations: Arthur Morton

Film Editors: Skip Craig, Earl Bennett

Supervising Editor: Joe Siracusa

Sound: John Livadary, Marne Fallis

Executive Production Manager: Bug Getzler

Unit Managers: Paul Marron, Robert C. Brown

Ink & Paint Supervisor: Marion O'Callahan

Camera Superviser: Jack Eckes

Camera: J. Dan Miller, Bill Motler

Dialogue Director: Bill Scott

Director: Jack Kinney

Magoo Meets Boing-Boing     1959

Director: Abe Levitow

Story Adaptation: Ron Carver

Design: Tony Rivera

Animation: Bob Bentley, Ed Friedman, Tom McDonald, Hank Smith, Gil Turner

Color: Bob McIntosh, Barbara Begg

Music: Del Castillo

Magoo Meets Frankenstein     1960

Starring: Jim Backus as the Voice of Magoo

Producer: Stephen Bosustow

Directors: Abe Levitow, Gil Turner

Story: Al Bertino, Dick Kinney, Ron Carver

Design: Tony Rivera

Animation: Tom McDonald, Ed Friedman, Hank Smith, Bob Bentley

Color: Bob McIntosh, Barbara Begg

Music: Del Castillo

Recording Studio: Glen Glenn Sound Co.

I Was a Teenage Magoo     1960

Direction: Clyde Geronimi

Story: Tedd Pierce, Bill Danch

Animation: Bob Bentley, Phil Duncan, Tom McDonald, Gil Turner

Layout: Tom Yakutis

Color Styling: Barbara Begg, Gloria Wood

Gay Purr-ee     1962

Voices: Judy Garland, Robert Goulet, Red Buttons, Paul Frees, Hermione Gingold, Mel Blanc, Morey Amsterdam,

        Joan Gardner, Julie Bennett

Music: Harold Arlen

Lyrics: E. Y. Harburg

Music Arranged and Conducted by: Mort Lindsey

Vocal Arranger: Joseph J. Lilley

Writers: Dorothy and Chuck Jones

Sequence Director: Steve Clark

Animators: Ben Washam, Phil Duncan, Ham Ambro, Ray Patterson, Grant Simmons, Irv Spence, Don Lusk, Hank

        Smith, Harvey Toombs, Volus Jones, Ken Harris, Art Davis, Fred Madison

Art Director: Victor Haboush

Production Designer: Robert Singer, Richard Ung, "Corny" Cole, Ray Aragon, Edward Levitt, Ernest Nordli

Color Styling: Gloria Wood, Robert Inman, Don Peters, Phil Norman, Richard Kelsey

Titles: John Hitesman

Associate Producer: Lee Orgel

Production Manager: Earl Jonas

Editorial Supervisor: Ted Baker

Editors: Sam Horta, Earl Bennett

Music Editors: George Probert, Wayne Hughes

Additional Dialogue: Ralph Wright

Camera: Roy Hutchcroft, Dan Miller, Jack Stevens, Duane Keegan

Checking Supervisor: Grace McCurdy

Executive Producer: Henry G. Saperstein

Director: Abe Levitow

What's Up, Tiger Lily?     [Partial Credits]     1966

Executive Producer: Henry G. Saperstein

Associate Producer: Woody Allen

Special Material by: Woody Allen

Title Conception by: UPA Pictures, Inc.

Title Sequence by: Murakami-Wolf Films and Phill Norman

Dimensions of Quality     1976

Director: Richard Barnsbach

Editor: Richard Barnsbach

Animation: Paul Carlson Cartoons, Inc.

Executive Producer: Henry G. Saperstein


Feature Films

Other Short Subjects (Non-Columbia)


[For films with screen credits, uncredited names appear in brackets.]